One thing that bothers iPhone and iPad users is not being able to print directly from the device. But EuroSmartz has printing apps from $4-$13 that solve the problem beautifully.

If you have a WiFi printer and it’s turned on, the information can be sent directly to that printer. If you have a computer connected to the Internet, the print job will be sent to the computer, and from there it will go to any printer connected to the computer. Remember: everything has to be turned on and connected.

If you’re out of range of WiFi, you can send the print job over a 3G cell phone connection. This can be very useful as a kind of pass-through for messages, documents and pictures. If someone sends you a picture or message you want to preserve in print, you can edit and print it in one tap. This currently works with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

We tried the $13 “PrintBureau” and it worked great. Along the bottom of our iPad screen were icons for files, email, calendar, web pages, contacts, images, clipboard and settings. We chose “images,” clicked the plus sign to bring one in and selected a photo from one of our many photo albums. Besides selecting a photo to print, you can also email it, delete it or just view it full screen. The program lets you choose the size of the print; we printed an 8 by 11-inch copy.

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