So you got a new iPad and you don’t know what to put on it? Take a look at the new book: “Best iPad Apps, The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders,” by Peter Meyers, $22 from

Every page is illustrated and you get a quick peek at what your app will look like. Prices range from free to about $10; most are $2-$3. Here are a few that caught our attention:

  • NoteTaker HD; $5. People who still prefer handwriting to typing will love this. That’s because it’s hard to write small on a touch screen, but this app will take your large letters and instantly downsize them as you go, so you can get a lot more on a single page. This is an iPhone app but works on the iPad too.
  • Notorize, $3, is an audio recorder, note-taker and web-clipping tool. You can write things down and record your comments at the same time. If you see something you like on the web, clip and add it.
  • ReaddleDocs: put all your files onto the iPad.
  • Magic Window is just 99 cents and stitches together thousands of time-lapse photos. You control how fast they play back. We’ve always been fascinated by time-lapse pictures of plants growing.
  • Perfect Web Browser costs $3 and brings you tabbed browsing. When you tap on a web link you can hold onto it in a new tab. Gmail looks much better in this browser than it does in Safari, as do other mobile versions of websites.
  • Spark Radio, $2, has 24,000 radio stations, plus AM, FM and Internet-only content. It makes browsing and discovery a pleasure. There is also a free version.
  • Strip Designer, 99 cents, can turn photos into comic strips by adding speech balloons. This is a lot of fun. Don’t forget to add “Pow!” and “Wham!”

We’re going to add most of these. Our own current favorite iPad apps are NPR (National Public Radio), Yahoo Entertainment, the Wall Street Journal, PenUltimate, (for doodlers),  and Fotopedia, an encyclopedia of beautiful photos and short articles.

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