It’s hard to run out of disk space on today’s huge drives, but if you’re using an older computer, you may be running out of space. Here are some tips for cleaning it up.

  • Transfer old videos and photos to a flash drive. These files are typically the biggest disk hogs. Flash drives are really cheap these days and it’s a good way to create a library of photos or videos that can be viewed on any computer.
  • WinDirStat from is a free program that shows you how much space is being taken up by individual programs and files. You can see this as a list as well as a graphic image of the drive’s space.

“CCleaner” from is another useful space clearing program. We ran the free version and it opened 17 gigabytes of space on the drive and it was all automatic. There is a $25 version that comes with tech support. For general tech support on any computer problem we use Kenny S, the lead expert at, now at We’ve also used, or All can usually fix your computer problem remotely over the Internet.

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