When stuff gets old, wouldn’t it be nice to exchange it for new stuff? Actually, you can do this at, which just came out with an app for Android phones, though it’s also available for free on computers.

They start you out with credits and you get more if you connect it to your Facebook account, which means posting an announcement on your Facebook page saying you just joined the service. We looked over the stuff we could get with our free 400 credits. There was an iPod nano listed for 323 credits, an all-in-one copier/scanner for 11 credits, lots of arts and crafts supplies, jewelry and so on. Note that the price listed isn’t necessarily the final price. Everything is done by auction. We bid on the Tchaikovsky collection on cassette tape, published by CBS. It was going for 100 credits, with free shipping We saw a guitar for 156 credits, thought the auction still had a day to run.

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