Facebook just announced their new Profile Pages, just a few hours before CEO Mark Zuckerberg goes on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes show. You can activate the feature here.

What you get with the new Profile Pages: A lot more info all in one place, summarized at the top of your profile page — along with images that represent your interests. New categories include sports and current projects.

When we first activated our new profile, we noticed a number of missing fields. We dove back in to fill in where we worked, and then  started adding the names of nieces and nephews. (An email will be sent to each person you name as a relation, asking for their confirmation.) Clicking on the “Philosophy” section of Profile Pages lets you type in the names of people who inspired you, each represented by a picture. With features like these, it’s easier to see what you have in common with someone by visiting their page and clicking on their name, if they’ve activated the new feature.

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