We took the new Aluratek Libre eBook Reader  on a recent trip to rural New York.  It can easily fit in a jacket pocket or small purse, and comes with 100 free books already onboard.

The key difference between the Aluratek and earlier readers like the Kindle and Nook, is that they can be used to download books by wireless. The Aluratek cannot connect to a wireless source. All books or lectures must be downloaded to its memory directly from a computer. This is a big difference, so to sweeten the pot, Aluratek comes with 100 free books already onboard. These include classics like “Dracula,” “Walden Pond,” “War and Peace” and so on.  Joy is hooked on a Norwegian classic: “Growth of the Soil.”

The price, however, is not that attractive: $99 from (now It’s only $40 less than a Kindle. What is attractive, is the layout for the controls. These make it easy to flip pages, move between books and save spots for later. The Kindle’s controls, on the other hand, are in positions that make it far too easy to accidently flip forward a dozen pages and lose track of where you are.

The Aluratek was easy to use and easy to carry, but the price isn’t low enough and the 100 free books are less of a bonus than it first appears. You can download hundreds of free books from and Like the Kindle and the Nook you can add inexpensive memory cards and have special libraries this way. For instance, you can download scientific papers and business documents to cards.

All in all, we were happy with the Aluratek but we’d like to see a lower price. More info at

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