A new version of the PogoPlug just came out. It’s black instead of pink and has built in WiFi. That’s great, but what is a PogoPlug?

A PogoPlug is a device that lets you share files online without incurring fees for online storage. You start by storing stuff on any kind of external drive and then plugging them into the PogoPlug. Then go to on the web to view and share your files. Click on a file, folder, or album, and enter the email addresses of the person you want to share it with. The recipient doesn’t need to “register;” to get the file, they just click the link.

Both the basic and pro versions of PogoPlug are $99, for either Windows or Mac. The only difference is the pro version has slots for four USB flash drives. You can use multiple flash drives on either version, though, simply by adding more USB ports with a hub. These simply plug into one USB port and then add extra sockets, much like adding sockets to an electrical outlet. The hubs are cheap.

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