Niagra Falls

So there are your vacation photos, all with numbers like “DSCN0008” instead of names. It’s a pain to rename them one by one. In Windows Explorer, you can highlight a bunch of photos by dragging the mouse pointer across them, right-click, and choose “rename.” They’ll all have the same base name, like “HawaiiTrip,” but each will have a different number, like “HawaiiTrip1,” and so on.

Another tool for doing this is the FastStone Photo Resizer, which is free, It can take a batch of photos and resize them, rename them, rotate them, and convert them to other formats. It can also add watermarks ( a protective feature to discourage copying) and change their colors. You can get it from

FastStone also has a portable version, which means you can load it onto a memory stick and use it on other WIndows computers. A caution here: it’s not as simple to use as it might be. For example, they’ll rename your chosen photos “image1,” “image2,” etc. and you have to retype your own file name over the word image the first time you use it. It’s not clear how everything works, but if you keep on fighting you’ll get there. Watch out for the “batch convert” tab.

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