We like websites that let you chat with someone when you have questions about a service or product. A new service lets you add this feature to your own website for free.

It’s called “Zopim Live Chat Bar.” We have no idea what “Zopim” means but it’s really easy to set up. After you paste a bit of code in, a friendly chat window is installed on your site that says “Click here to chat.” When you click, you get a message saying “Leave a question or comment and one of our agents will be with you shortly.” Chats can go on for as long as you wish, and even in the free version, you can have two operators answering questions simultaneously.

The really nice thing for small businesses is an option that lets people leave a message even when you’re offline. The nice thing from the visitor side is that it makes a sound when the operator comes online. So if you’re off surfing the web, you can quickly come back to the chat window and ask your question. The person at the web site also gets a sound letting them know each time a visitor has typed in a response.

For $9 a month, you can add more operators and they have more features as prices go up from there. But for the basic system, it’s free. Go to for more info.


  1. Olark is better

    check it out here

  2. Thanks for sharing! Live chat is a great and very helpful tool.We at use Chatra live chat and are very happy with it. Chatra has great interface (it looks like mobile messenger with animations etc) and has the best agent’s dashboard I’ve ever seen.

  3. Thanks for the tip! We didn’t know about Chatra and may mention it in a future column.