“My New iPad,” by Wallace Wang,$25 from

With its big pictures, jazzy writing style, and great ideas for using your iPad, this book is a winner. You might not have thought of transferring university courses to your iPad, but you can. You can also put in parental controls, transfer movies, fill out forms and get directions. The author has written several best-selling computer books and moonlights as a stand-up comic. Once we got the feeling that this was rushed out the door: He said “right-click” when he meant “tap. ” There is no right-click on the iPad.

“iPad, the Missing Manual,” by J.D. Biersorfer, $32 from

Biersorfer writes the weekly computer Q&A column for the New York Times. This book is nothing if not thorough. From turning your iPad on and off to preserving the battery, it gives you tips and tricks you’ll want to know. Organize your bookmarks, save a photo you saw on the web and turn it into your iPad’s background image, make shortcuts to your favorite websites available from the home screen and transfer a library of free books. Actually, it turns out that any free book you download to your computer from is probably already available for free, using the free iPad’s iBook app. We added “The Origin of the Species,” “Peter Pan,” and “The Circular Staircase,” a 1908 crime mystery by the author who created “femjep.” This stands for “female jeopardy,” a sub-genre in which the heroine is in trouble and must be rescued.

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