Avast mateys! You scurvy dogs. Monkey Island 2, Special Edition, is out for the iPad, and there’s a free trial.

This was a smash hit and our nephews’ favorite game in the early 90s, when Lucas Arts created it for the PC. Guybrush Threepwood, our hero, sees his boat blow up, drinks grog with the pirates, picks out a dastardly crew, and goes after the bad guys.

It’s a slightly different experience on the iPad. You have to get used to tapping, which isn’t as accurate as the mouse. The character voices and graphics have changed a bit too, but it still brings back the joy of the game.

After putting down the iPad for awhile, we went online and discovered that Monkey Island came back in 2009, for both PC and Mac. So you don’t have to have an iPad to play. We found it for $35 at Or you can download a chapter at a time for $9 each, from

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