nero-multimedia-10Without the new “Smart Start button,” we would be totally confused by Nero’s new “Multimedia Suite 10” for video editing, disc burning and backup.

Smart Start gives you tabs across the top of the screen for categories like music, video and tools. Within those categories, there are buttons for digitizing LPs, mixing musical tracks, converting videos, recovering lost files, photo editing, etc.  Within most categories, there are options for beginners and advanced users. A “Knowledge Center” has tutorials for everything.

From Smart Start’s photo area, you can select a folder and click “play” for an automatic slideshow of the folder contents, complete with jazzy music.  Click “upload” to put your slideshow on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, or the “My Nero” community. Click Smart Start’s “Tools” tab to find out about your own computer.

The advanced video editing in Nero is almost rocket science. You can have two videos going at once on the same screen, sometimes getting larger or smaller. One video can chase the other around the screen.

You can try Multimedia Suite 10 for 30 days for free by downloading it from

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