Even tech reporters need tech support. The most convenient kind takes place over the Internet. You give permission to a support person to fix your computer from afar. Then watch them work and learn something.

Trend Micro is offering a free day of tech support on June 15, to the first 1000 people who register at They can use their free day any time before September 15. Services included  are:

  • Find out why your computer is running slowly.
  • Are you vulnerable to security threats?
  • Check Internet security, email security, and firewall settings.
  • Fine-tune your anti-virus and anti-spyware software settings (for Trend Micro Internet Security users only).

To get an email reminder so you don’t forget to sign up on June 15, you can sign up now at

If those reading would like an email reminder the day before – they can
provide us their email address on the same page now if they wish

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