A number of readers who live or travel abroad have asked us about being able to watch U.S. TV shows and movies on their computers. We have mentioned several such web sites for this in past columns and you can search our web site for previous comments on this subject.

We try to check any site we mention but entertainment sites often change ownership and are particularly prone to delivering malware or spyware to people who log in. One place that is certainly safe from this kind of intrusion is YouTube.com, which has numerous TV shows you can watch for free as well as movies delivered in chunks. If you can stand watching a movie with brief delays between segments, this works well enough. YouTube.com/store has TV and movie rentals.

There are signs that Netflix, the giant U.S. movie rental firm, will be going international soon. This is a rental service that charges $9 a month for unlimited movies and TV shows, one disc at a time. These are mailed to the subscribers on discs. You have to return the disc to get the next one on your list, but you can do this an unlimited number of times. You can also stream movies to your Roku player, Xbox, Wii, Playstation 3 or Internet-connected Blu-Ray player.

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