vict-ladyEveryone touts RoboForm Password Manager as a free online service for saving passwords. A new one we tried is, another free service that saves every password securely online. Sit down at any computer and recover those hard-to-remember passwords and “pin” numbers. You can also safely send passwords to colleagues, or share private messages.

Start by logging in to PassPack and clicking on an icon to copy your password information to your clipboard. To paste it into your account, you can hold down “CNTRL” and tap the “V” key in Windows, or the Command and V keys on the Mac.

The service has an option that lets you log-in automatically to all your favorite accounts as soon as you sign in to PassPack. This could be dangerous if you’re at work: You  might walk away from your computer, and then others could access your accounts. It’s a good idea to log out of PassPack when you’re away from your desk, or log off your computer.

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