If you’ve been diligently backing up your Windows XP computer, and decide to buy a Windows 7 machine, what do you do with all those backups? You can’t restore an “image” — a complete backup of an XP system– onto Windows 7 without overwriting the operating system.laplink-pcmover1

On May 26, Laplink is coming out with “PC Mover Image Assistant,” software that lets you restore the old image to the new computer running Windows 7. The “image” comes in like a virtual box with all your old stuff in it. You can choose what you want to restore to your new computer, such as programs, files and settings without messing up the new machine. You don’t have to use all the old stuff, just what you need.

If some of your old programs need to run in XP, Windows 7 has a mode that lets you do that. The Image Assistant program, however, will not install XP as a partition on your new hard drive.

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