PowerPoint presentations on the web

We’ve been subjected to boring Powerpoint slideshows for years, and they still won’t go away. So rather than fight the situation, we have surrendered. Here’s how to share your PowerPoint presentation on the web, for free.

Go to authorstream.com and upload the presentation, up to a gigabyte in size. (That’s huge, by the way. If you have more to say than that you probably should be executed for being excessively boring.)

AuthorStream turns the presentations into videos that can be placed on YouTube, or shared as a link. You can also post them to Facebook or Twitter, or download a free utility that lets you put YouTube videos into your slideshows. If you wish, they can be password protected. If you want a regular channel on YouTube that lets others subscribe to your presentations as a series, go to Authorstream.com/channels.


  1. I want to make some powerpoint presentations to senior adults in my community in the areas of financial fraud prevention and identity theft prevention. I am a volunteer with limited experience in this arena.

    Could you please recommend a book or two which address the issue of effective and meaningful presentations and also the type of projector needed…..most of the presentations will be to groups of 30 and will in some cases have limited ability to dim lights….so there might be considerable ambient light. I do not need a lot of bells and whistles, but materials and hardware which will allow for meaningful and remembered presentations.
    Thanks so much for considering my request.
    Bob Brooks
    Prescott, Arizona
    (928) 776-4659