We went to TSS-Radio to hear Chicago’s Mayor Daley and a couple of others talk about Google’s impact on the state of Illinois and beyond.

We learned that TSS-Radio was founded six years ago by a guy from Los Angeles who said he had no interest in college but a lot of interest in satellite radio. When his radio antenna broke, he couldn’t find replacement parts, so he started selling parts from his studio apartment, using Google’s AdWords to advertise online. ┬áNow the company has 250,000 customers. The founder estimates that online ads generate $9 in sales for every $1 spent.

Here are some hard numbers about Google’s economic impact:

  • Businesses in Illinois earned $3.2 billion from new business generated by Google ads.
  • Business in New York earned $6.2 billion through Google ads.
  • Business in California earned $14.1 billion through Google ads.
  • Nationwide, nonprofit organizations have received $600 million worth of free Google ads through the Google grants program (

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