Many TV sites, such as and Clicker, are not available outside the U.S. was great for international viewing but now it too is off limits outside America. What to do?

blinkxA reader we had helped before lives in Southern Thailand and offered to try to find a replacement provider of U.S. movies and TV. He spent four days trying out web sites and ended up sending us more than 20,000 words summarizing his findings. We had to cut that down, of course. A few of the sites are listed below.

Before you try any of these or search for new ones, be sure you have a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed. We use Malware Bytes “Anti-Malware” software and it blocked a lot of malicious stuff on some of the sites our reader passed on. We have not included those sites here. Results will vary based on your connection and location. The sites listed below are free.

  • has movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, music videos, and sports.  We clicked on the movie “Caddy Shack.” It took us first to a racy ad page, but when we closed that page, the movie started right up.  Not all the links to shows and movies worked, but since it was free, there was nothing to lose.
  • has a wide selection of TV and movies, often hosted on other sites. We tried Jeopardy, Third Rock from the Sun, The Mentalist, etc.
  • offers classic TV shows such as Bob Newhart, The A-Team, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Gilligan’s Island, etc.
  • has both movies and TV.  We had trouble with it but it was the reader’s favorite by far. His comment: “Clean streaming, literally no buffering, great clarity, great sound.” Try it; see what you get.


  1. you should also add the internets largest free site to your great list