tiger-textThe text messages you send by iPhone can come back to haunt you. Forget about getting the recipient to delete them.  A new free application called “TigerText” will let you set a time limit on how long the message lasts.

TigerText also prevents anyone from storing your messages.  After the time limit you specify, the message disappears on both the receiver’s iPhone and yours – very handy for anyone who doesn’t want certain emails hanging around.

The only catch is that both you and the recipient must be using an iPhone. On the plus side, you don’t have to give out your real contact information, just your TigerText name. Some people have a message disappear after ten days, but others want it to vanish in 60 seconds. (By the way: the service was named “Tiger” before the Tiger Woods scandal.)

You can get the iPhone app at TigerText.com. It will soon be available for Blackberry and Android phones as well.

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