A National Public Radio app is coming to the Apple iPad on April 3, to make it possible to watch and listen to NPR shows. The app is necessary because the iPad won’t be compatible with websites that use Adobe Flash, in other words, tons of them.


Watching shows on the Litl Webbook

The Litl Webbook from is also debuting a new NPR channel. That’s not because the Litl doesn’t handle Flash — it does — but because the Litl takes a TV-channel approach to computing. NPR is their latest channel.

When you turn on the Litl, it’s immediately connected to the Web, if there’s Wi-Fi nearby.  You can browse the featured channels, or add more from what they call the “card catalog.” It comes with a remote control and an easel mode. Stand it up in the kitchen or living room, or connect it to a big-screen TV by way of  an HDMI cable.

The  NPR channel has more than 800  NPR shows. These include Car Talk, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, All Things Considered, etc.

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