CONDUCTORCISE.COM is the website of David Dworkin, a  New York-based conductor who teaches you to how to pretend to be a conductor for the exercise and sheer pleasure of it.

Dworkin is also a clarinetist who played at Carnegie Hall under Leopold Stokowski. Stokowski is so famous he is mentioned in the Chuck Barry rock song, “Roll Over Beethoven.” (“Roll over Beethoven, and tell Stokowski the news.”)

Videos at give you the basic idea. For $1300 you can get  the DVDs, batons, and instructions you need to become a certified “Conductorcise” instructor.

We think it’s probably good enough just to teach people to wave their arms to music. We have frequently read that  conductors have much lower rates of heart disease, because of  their furious arm waving.


  1. Sorry, I am pretty sure that the reference to “Roll Over Beethoven” was tongue-in-cheek…as the lyrics refer to telling Tchaikovsky the news.

    As we say – “Gone Chopin…Bach in a Minuet…”