BACKGROUND CHECKS is a new web site and iPhone application that lets you do background searches on just about anybody in the U.S. You can check for criminal records, do reverse phone searches, property reports, email searches and scan social networking sites. It’s also a good way to look for a lost friend.

The iPhone app is popular, because it allows you to do a background check on the spot. You might want to check on the new boy friend. In three weeks since its release, about 400,000 users have downloaded the iPhone app and one million background checks have been run. The company will soon release a version for both Blackberry and Android users.

BeenVerified offers a seven-day free trial, and after that it’s $16 for one month, or $8 a month if you sign up for a year. You have to give them a credit card number, so be careful: after the 7-day free trial they will start billing you.  To try it out, Joy put in her own name and immediately saw a list of places she’s lived, as well as her mother’s name, sister’s name and maiden name.


  1. I use been verified and like it a lot as a basic background check search. It is a very helpful search site.