Picture pasted with "PicturePaste"

If cloud computing is so easy, why can’t you copy and paste images from Microsoft Word or Excel into your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, or any other web-based application? We’re not sure of the answer but we have a free solution.

PicturePaste from picturepaste.com is a free Windows program that lets you copy and paste just about any image into a web-based application like email, Google docs, WordPress or Blogger. Start up the program and right-click an image. Choose “copy.”   Click “convert” and drag the image into your email.

One can argue that it’s easy to put an image into an email message anyway. With Gmail, you just click the picture icon and browse to its location. Or just attach it. But the nice thing about Picture Paste is that you don’t have to save the images first, you just copy and paste. It doesn’t matter where you’re copying a picture from. You can also paste screen captures. The regular version is free, but power users might want the $30 advanced version. You can view feature comparisons at the web site.

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