Running out of hard disk space slows down your computer. How can you find your space hogs? We ran “Disk Pie,”  a Windows program  that gives you a pie chart and a list of offenders.

We found old installation files, old backup sets, and several junk videos.  Each item on the list showed how much space it was taking up.  A couple of programs couldn’t be deleted, but just seeing them there reminded us to go to the Windows “Control” panel and uninstall them. We were surprised that so much old stuff was still around. It took us five minutes to reclaim over 50 gigabytes, almost a third of our drive.

To remove junk,  right-click a file and choose “move,” “copy” or  “delete.”  When   finished with your “C” drive,  click on other drives attached to your computer.

Disk Pie is part of PC Magazine’s utilities library. You can buy it there for $8. If you subscribe to the utility library for $20 a year, you get an unlimited number of free downloads.

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