Google introduced  its first phone today, the Nexus. You can take a tour of its  features here.

nexusThe Nexus looks  a lot like an iPhone but the 3.7 inch (480-by-800 pixel) touch screen is  superior according to today’s review.

Other pros:

  • It can handle lots of applications running in the background.
  • For most apps, you can talk into the phone instead of typing on the screen.
  • An excellent five mega-pixel camera.
  • Noise-cancellation features.
  • Built-in GPS, with free, spoken directions


  • The phone is getting a lot of complaints from users who say the 3G connection goes in and out.
  • The location of the phone’s microphone: If you cradle the phone between ear and shoulder, it covers the mike.
  • International users won’t be able to use 3G.
  • The battery runs for 7 hours continuous talk time, or 250 hours on standby. It’s much less if you’re playing games.

You can get a Nexus for $529 without a service plan and insert your own SIM card. Or get it for $179 and sign up for the $80 a month plan from T-Mobile.  Coming soon: Verizon Wireless service for the U.S. and Vodafone for Europe.

Here’s the video.

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