fa_theater_left_01_320x340Everybody and their Uncle Max is selling a product to help you get videos, music and pictures from your computer to your big TV.

We tried out the new high-definition version of the “Seagate FreeAgent Theater.” This is a small box that connects to your TV to bring movies and photos from your computer to your TV screen. The catch is that you have to download them to a hard drive first, and then pop the drive into the FreeAgent.  When you want new programs, you take the drive out, plug it into a computer, and the Seagate software will find everything playable and put it on the drive for you, in the right category. When you’re back at the TV, you can use the remote control to cycle through channels.

The FreeAgent Theater also has its own channels. Click to start a slideshow on your TV, check the weather or stocks. If you want to use the Theater wirelessly, you have to buy an adapter. You can find the Seagate FreeAgent Theater for $150, or $290 with a 500 gigabyte “Go” drive. We got one without a hard drive because we have an extra drive.  Almost any hard drive will do for collecting pictures and movies.

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