papershowPeople who give presentations on a big screen, often like to draw on a tablet connected to their PC, to emphasize or call attention to a diagram. But the tablet provides no visual feedback; you have to look up at the screen to see what you drew.

PaperShow is a $200 device that gets around that problem. It consists of a USB key, a Bluetooth pen and interactive paper. When you use the special paper, you can see what you drew on the paper itself, and your drawing also appears on the computer screen. You can change colors by tapping the pen on a color palette, and add shapes from the auto-shape menu. There’s also an undo feature. The product was developed by Canson, a five-century-old French company that invented tracing paper and created the paper woven into the first hot air balloon.

One user complained that you sometimes need to recalibrate the pen in the middle of a presentation to make it work properly. Otherwise, it’s getting rave reviews.  PaperShow is $200 and extra paper is $13 or $20, depending on the size. You can find it at Amazon, Staples, Costco, or at

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