• Google’s Fast Flip gives you thumbnail images of a variety of magazines and newspapers. Flip through them to decide what you want to read.
    Google's Fast Flip

    Google's Fast Flip

  • Google Goggles (on Android phones only, for now) let you perform a search by submitting a photograph. It then looks through its database of billions of images – including landmarks, logos, places, books, album covers, artwork, etc., to give you info about that photo. Google plans to extend Goggles to computers with the new Chrome operating system, coming in 2010.
  • Coming in 2010: Live Translation: You’re standing on a street corner in Granada, Spain, and you ask a local, in English, “Where’s the nearest Flamenco restaurant?” Your Google Android phone turns the question into Spanish text which is then spoken, using text-to-speech software.  If he speaks an answer into the phone, you will get the English translation on our screen. (Those crazy tourists – what are you going to do?)

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