Vizit Photo Frame

“Vizit is the first digital photo frame to  receive  photos from cell phones. It also sends photos to cell phones or to photo frames. It’s expected to be $280. You can sign up to get notified when it’s out.

The new HP “DreamScreen” is a $259 wireless, 10.2-inch photo frame that brings in music from the online radio station Pandora and photos from Facebook and Snapfish, as well as your PC. This one’s not a touchscreen, but it comes with two gigbytes of storage space, and you can also add media cards and flash drives. A photo can display in the frame for any amount of time from five seconds to 24 hours. And it has an alarm clock, calendar and weather page.

Then there’s the $109 8-inch PanDigital touch screen photo frame. It also brings photos in wirelessly and holds up to 6400 photos in its  one-gigabyte internal memory.  We found it here.


HP Dream Screen

PanDigital PanTouch Photo Frame

PanDigital PanTouch Photo Frame

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