audible-iminds— iTunes and are  now offering “Mind Tracks,” a way to become knowledgeable in a wide range of topics quickly through eight-minute lectures. Titles so far include “The Federal Reserve,” “History of Whaling,” “Seven Wonders,” “Film Noir,” “Evolution,” etc. There will be hundreds of titles by the end of this year. The tracks are 99 cents each, same as songs. Search on “iMinds” at iTunes or go to is an online reverse auction site using the “Dutch Auction” method of entering your bid as prices fall in a steady decline. (This is how Google’s stock went public, by the way.)  You can buy the item immediately at any point in the falling prices. The auction ends when a predetermined floor is reached. is a great new website offering 500 Disney picture and story books with animated illustrations and characters that talk in the voices children know from movies.  Included are 60 Winnie the Pooh books, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, etc. A “story builder” lets kids create their own stories and a dictionary lets children click on any word to hear it read aloud. There are three reading levels: beginner readers with a companion, independent readers and readers who are ready for chapter books. There is a free trial. Subscriptions are $9 a month. offers printable discount coupons for grocery and other stores, while also giving 20 percent of the sale (or 60 percent of the profits, whichever is greater) to charities you choose  from a list of more than a million.

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