EnounceThink how nice videos could be if you could speed up past the meaningless parts and slow to follow the hard parts? (This reminds us of a funny story about Robert Oppenheimer but we don’t have space for it here.) You can do that with “MySpeed,” a short program that you can download from enounce.com.

Just for fun, we tried it out on a Beatles video on YouTube. Without sounding like chipmunks, the Beatles sang really fast when we moved a slider to the right, and slowed to a funeral dirge when we moved it to the left. Either way, they still sounded good.

If you want clear audio quality, don’t go faster than three times normal. But for skimming through junk, you can move to a maximum of five times normal, getting through an hour-long video in 12 minutes. One MySpeed fan uses it to slow down dance videos so he can learn the steps. Realtors use it to slow down virtual tours so they can really check out a home. Students use it to earn continuing education credits faster. Lawyers can get in more billable hours. There’s a seven-day free trial, and then it’s $30.

2 Responses to “SPEED IT UP, SLOW IT DOWN”

  1. My Sony 8mm VCR would speed up and slowdown tapes and maintain the pitch. I can’t remember if it was variable, or maybe just one fast and one slow choice. I sometimes used it to get through segments of 60 minutes that were of little interest to me.

  2. Thanks for this post!

    I am far too impatient and easily bored to watch many videos online. When possible I download them so I can use the speed functions of VLC or Windows Media Player. So this is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Whether or not it’s worth $30 remains to be seen, but I’ll certainly try it.