My Virtual TutorHere it is 2009 and we’re still asking why Johnny can’t read. A new game  from MentorInteractive aims to correct that. “My Virtual Tutor”  is a phonics teacher in a box. The

Nintendo DS game machine

Nintendo DS game machine

Nintendo DS box, to be specific.  Next year the Tutor will be available for the PC, Mac and Wii machine, but for right now, you can only get it on a DS.

My Virtual Tutor teaches a child to read, using stories, games and quizzes. You can draw on one  screen while watching a story unfold on the other  screen. Sometimes  you are prompted  to record your own voice while reading, and it immediately plays it back.  The stories are simple,

My Virtual Tutorbut the games are fun and helpful. There are three versions of the game, for pre-kindergarten to kindergarten, kindergarten to first grade, and first grade to second, all $30 at

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