Gmail is now the third largest Web mail service in the U.S., according to research firm gmaillogo1Yahoo! is still number one, with 106 million monthly unique visitors. Hotmail has 47 million, Gmail has 37 million, and AOL has 36.4 million.

Yahoo! has a couple of things Gmail doesn’t, and vice versa. For instance, Yahoo! has new built-in apps that let you send super large files or edit photos without leaving your email window (see New Yahoo Apps) . And we like how it lets you get rid of all spam by clicking “empty” next to your spam folder.

Gmail gives you over 7 gigabytes of storage space, great keyboard shortcuts,  and an “undo” function if you change your mind about the nasty letter you just sent. (See Top Ten Reasons).

If you want to give Gmail a try, and still keep your current email address, you can have mail that’s sent to you automatically forwarded to your new Gmail account.

Here are the steps:

Create your new Gmail account at

Click “settings” at the top of your screen.

Click “accounts” and when you see “get mail from other accounts,”  click the “add account you own” link.

From then on, you can use your Gmail account for all mail. Mail coming to your other accounts will be forwarded there.

2 Responses to “GMAIL BEATS AOL”

  1. Computer novice. Never been on this site before. Got it for newspaper column. Use my PC only for personal use–look things up,exchange E-Mails/attachments, get coupons,etc.
    What is best thing to do reference—turning off, leaving on computer.
    Tele 508-757 3498 Thanks

  2. We leave our computers on, because then the computer can do its thing while we sleep, backing everything up and doing complete virus checks, defragmenting, etc.

    If your computer does these tasks during the day, you can set it to “hibernate” at night.

    “Hibernate” powers down your monitor to about 5 watts of energy and your PC to 2.3 watts — virtually the same as turning your PC off).

    Here’s a link to more info:

    Take your computer off hibernate if you want it to be able to do its maintenance work. To find instructions, click “start” then “help and support” and type “hibernate.”