It can be really handy to have two monitors. You may need to spread your work over two screens, or to have separate programs showing on each screen. Windows’ own support for double monitors leaves a lot to be desired, but a graduate student we know says “Ultra Mon” from realtimesoft.com rocks.


The $40 program, which has a free trial version, wins applause largely for its “smart taskbar.” Unlike Windows, which gives you just one taskbar when you’re using two monitors, UltraMon gives you a separate taskbar for each. Click an icon in the taskbar to launch a program or right-click it for more functions.

If you want a freebie, there’s MultiMon Taskbar from Mediachance.com.  Click the pro version and it will take you to the free download.

3 Responses to “ULTRA MON”

  1. Currently this software doesnt work with Windows 7.

  2. “this software” means MultiMon 😉

  3. Another Dual Monitor Software named MurGeeMon does works on Windows 7 and is much cheaper