If you have a computer running Windows XP — and most of the world does, it’s worth going to the Microsoft home site (Microsoft.com) and downloading some power toys.



Power Toys is their term for a set of 15 Windows add-ons that are fun, functional and free. Here are some examples:

— ClearType Tuner lets you adjust type faces to make them easier to read and stand out more on the page.

— SyncToy synchronizes files in different folders.

— SlideShow Wizard makes quick and easy slide shows from selected pictures.

— Taskbar Magnifier lets you magnify any part of your screen, using a tool on your taskbar.

— Webcam Timershot lets you direct your web camera to take shots at timed intervals, one every minute, for example. This is a great tool for time-lapse photography or even for surveillance.

— Power Calculator provides a statistical and scientific calculator that can also create graphs.

All of the power toys are fairly small. The largest is two megabytes, and most are half a megabyte or less. Since they’re free and from Microsoft itself, we downloaded a bunch. Just go to Microsoft.com and type “power toys” in the search field.

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