We haven’t tried this device, but because it makes so much sense and it’s so cheap, we thought we’d pass it along anyway. We’re thinking of getting one for our 86-year-old aunt. If you don’t have an 86-year-old aunt, it might be useful for a businessman or even yourself.

It’s the “Peek Classic,” a $20 device for sending and receiving email. It’s from GetPeek.comPeek

 and is only available in the U.S. It was $100 last year, but what with straightened times and declining sales and all that, it’s now twenty. There is a catch of course: you have to pay $15 a month for a year’s worth of the wireless email service. Or you can pay $20 for just one month; very handy when you’re traveling.


The Peek Classic is not a cell phone; it just sends and receives email. It looks like a Blackberry, but doesn’t have a calendar, games and all those other functions. It also doesn’t do MS Word or PDF attachments, meaning: if your incoming email comes in with one of those, tough luck. If the email comes with a photo attachment, however, you can see the photo on your Peek. So maybe someone sending you an attachment could take a picture of it and send that.

A more expensive version of the Peek, the Peek Pronto, will open MS Word documents and PDFs as attachments. It also has a search function for your saved mail and offers unlimited texting. The Peek Pronto costs $60. User comments are quite favorable.

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