Joy uses “Google Alerts” to track when our own names appear on the web. Whenever that happens, we get an email notice. You can also do this with topics, like news about a company or a sports event.

TrackleTrackle But there are lots of other things to track. We found a new way to do this with a free service called “” Trackle has a list of topics to help you choose what to track. In the “Entertainment” category, for example, you can click to track the latest news about Harry Potter, or any other movie or TV show. In “Books,” Joy got a notice that one of her favorite authors has a new book coming out in September.


You can track things for sale or trade on “Craigslist,” changes in airline ticket prices, job listings, home values, etc. There are dozens of categories and you just check off the ones you’re interested in. Typing in the address of Joy’s sister’s house, we found the price had gone down one percent recently, but other homes in the area were down five percent.

If you see a computer or gadget you want to buy, you can track its price on the web and receive a notice when it drops to the level you’re willing to pay. Trackle also tracks “specials” at over 500 stores. Notices can come in on your cell phone or email account. Note: Check shipping costs when you’re looking for low prices, because sometimes these extras can ruin a good deal.

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