A graduate student we know put us on to a free Windows program called Screen Hunter. This lets you capture a snapshot of your computer screen and it is super useful.

As we browse the web or look through a document, we often want to clip a particular piece of information or a picture. We activate the Screen Hunter icon by double clicking and then select whether we want to capture a snapshot of the whole screen, just the active window within the screen or an area that we define by moving a cross with the mouse to create a box.

We have other programs for doing this, but they are more complex and have many features that are not always needed. SnagIt, for example, lets you capture multiple screens as they scroll by. It also lets you add printed comments, voice commentary and even create a window within the capture where you can put your photo or a picture from some other source. SnagIt costs $50. Screen Hunter has none of those nice features; on the other hand it’s free and a snap to use. You can get it at

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