If you’re sending a whopper of a file, there are problems. Either you clog your company’s network, the Internet bandwidth connection or you can’t send the file at all.

We typically use a free service like YouSendIt.com to take care of problem likes this. This site lets you upload the file and then send a link to the recipient rather than send the file itself. The file can then be downloaded by the recipient. Something like this is a must if a large file is to be sent to more than one person. But a problem is that “YouSendIt” files are sometimes automatically switched into the recipient’s spam folder. Then they usually never see it.

An alternative is FILEminimizer Office, which is not free but is a $45 program from Balesio.com. FILEminimizer reduces the size of Microsoft Office files by up to 98% by compressing pictures and embedded objects while still preserving the original file format and most of the quality. It is available as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook users, so you can compress and mail the file in one step.

2 Responses to “FAT FILE REDUCER”

  1. Joy & Bob- Am wondering if this is appropriate for sending CAD files?

  2. Great question. FILEMinimizer only works for Microsoft Office files.

    If you’re interested in sharing large files, check out Drop Box at getdropbox.com. Using that, you don’t need compression.

    If you do a search at google.com on “Compress Cad files,” you see several alternatives. And you might try WinZip or other zipping software.