Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine is designed to give Google a run for the money. From our first look, it may very well do that. It’s free and you can use it at

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

Here’s how it works: You click on a link, such as “shopping” or “news” to target a narrower search. Provide a subject and it comes up with lots of results, usually with pictures. We clicked its video link and searched for our new favorite TV show, “The Mentalist.” It came back with a dozen video clips. If you let your mouse pointer hover over the right edge of a result, you get a brief summary of what’s on any site you just selected..

The Bing search engine has a pleasing interface. Like its predecessor,, its opening screen features a new photo each day. But unlike Live, when you hover over the photo, a number of spots provide links to related information. For example, a picture of Polychrome Pass in Alaska’s Denali National Park had links to other rainbow-colored mountains. Since the featured range was in Alaska, one of the links invited you to “meet the world’s champion dog sled driver.” You can also have the Bing tool bar added to Microsoft’s “Windows Explorer” browser.

2 Responses to “BING, BANG”

  1. I like Bing but one problem – Under “Administrator” in XP I can hover over the opening photo and get links but not when using a Limited Account.

    Please adise how I can fix this.

    Thank you.

  2. This shouldn’t be an XP problem. Try updating your Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 8, and see if that corrects the problem. Go to