Our favorite two programs for making training videos are Snagit and Camtasia, both from Techsmith. But a competitor, CaptureWiz, does almost as well and costs much less. CaptureWiz doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Techsmith’s products do, but it’s only $40, compared to $299 for Camtasia.



Joy tried out CaptureWiz to make a walk-thru video of a new website she created for a woman’s organization. The program captured each movement of her mouse. If she clicked on a button to go to a different page, the resulting video showed each new page. It also captured her voice explaining the steps and synchronized it perfectly with what the viewer saw on screen.

 CaptureWiz can also easily capture other people’s demonstrations. When Corel Corp. recently did a walk-thru of their program for her, Joy turned on her CaptureWiz’ capture feature. As Corel showed her how to use their program and went through a PowerPoint presentation, she captured the whole thing in a video clip for later review.

 Using the program couldn’t be easier. You click on “video” if you want to make a video. You click “start” to start recording. When you click stop, your completed video is on the screen ready to play back. Click “convert” to make the file ready for emailing or burning to a CD or DVD. If you’re emailing, use a free service like, which sends a link to the file, rather than the file itself. This prevents problems caused by large file sizes.

The new version of CaptureWiz is about three times faster than the old one and produces video and screenshots that are more faithful to the original colors of your screen. Check it out at If your needs are light, they have a light version for only $20.

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  1. Bob,

    Why doesn’t your review of CaptureWiz show up in your Screen Capture category (the links at the left of the page)? When I couldn’t find it there I almost quit looking. Sorry to be compaining. I’ve been a devoted reader of your column for years (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette).

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! Joy maintains the website and sometimes forgets to plug in all the categories.

    By the way, the search button is much more efficient for finding things. Type “CaptureWiz” into the search bar next time you’re looking for it.