You can use an iPhone to remotely lock and unlock doors and control appliances, using a system from well-known lock maker Schlage.

 What interested us most about this is the software, which is free for the iPhone and lets you receive and record the same kind of information that hotels and casinos collect when you use one of their magnetic door cards. You need a $299 “Schlage LiNK” kit to control locks and appliances, and there is a $13 a monthly fee as well. The starter kit includes a deadbolt lock, a network communications bridge, and a module for remotely controlling a lamp or appliance. The bridge connects to the home’s existing router and transmits data via low-power radio signals to the LiNK System lock.

Homeowners can get email notifications when someone opens the lock by entering a code on the lock’s keypad. The system stores data for 90 days, providing a record of who entered the home at what times and on which days. Temporary entry codes can be set up for day workers, such as a painter, cleaner or plumber.         

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