INTERNUTS: FREEBIES offers a freebie every day. When we looked, they were giving away backup software for making a complete image of your computer. That’s nice to have on a backup drive if your main drive or your whole system crashes. Windows Vista comes with drive imaging software. To find it, click “help and support” and then type “backup.” Another program for doing this is “Acronis TrueImage” from

 — will provide a free report on your website, like how it ranks with Google, etc. We found it helpful but very literal. For example, it told us the second most common word on our site is “under,” but that’s because it was created with WordPress site, and WordPress uses the term “filed under” after each article we post, to show how it’s categorized. It said that the number of links to a web site is important and told us we have 2,860,000. We guess that’s enough. is a free site that lets a number of people who want to get together, compare their schedules to figure out the best time to meet.

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