The popular FileMaker database program runs on Windows and Mac computers and is a lot easier to learn and use than Microsoft Access. There’s a new training series for FileMaker 10, to help intermediate to advanced users and developers. The series also provides the building blocks necessary for developers who plan to become FileMaker 10 Certified Developers. The certification examination will be held this June.

The FileMaker Training Series consists of 12 modules with step-by-step instructions on key topics such as scripts and publishing databases to the web. The series is available from for $99.


  1. If you’ll forgive the shameless plug, I’m one of the co-authors of the courseware and we offer authorized training classes for FileMaker in Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

    We wrote these materials to offer both self-study and leader-led courses. The demo files are complete examples of real-world databases and the step-by-step exercises walk students through many of the techniques demonstrated in them.

    Hope they’re helpful.

    — Scott