We get pitched on more accessories for iPods and iPhones than any other product we have ever seen, and we ignore almost all of them. But one that caught our eye, so to speak, is a case with a sliding lens that lets you take close-up photos with your iPhone.

 Normally, an iPhone shot has to be 18 inches or further from a subject in order to get a clear focus. The “Clarifi” case from GriffinTechnology.com has a sliding lens that can be moved over the iPhone’s own lens to reduce the focal length to as close as four inches. When you want to take a close-up of a flower or an insect – or a business card, slide the lens into place; to return to normal focus, slide it out of the way.


Users say they not only get sharp close-up shots with this Griffin case but the color seems better as well. The Griffin Clarifi costs $35 from their web site, but we found it for about half that price at Amazon and other Internet discounters. 


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