Anyone who has the free Adobe Reader can open a PDF, which is the most widely used method of saving documents in their original format. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it means whatever you save that way will look exactly the same on someone else’s computer. 

You can look at a PDF document but you can’t touch – meaning you can read it but you can’t change anything, at least not without some additional software. Adobe invented the PDF, so understandably the granddaddy of PDF editors is Adobe Acrobat. But at $300, it does a whole lot more than most people need or want. In the past, we have used and recommended PDF Converter from Nuance (formerly called Scansoft), which sells for around $50. But recently we found something cheaper. It’s “PDFZilla,” the Godzilla of PDF converters. We got it for $30 from

 Comparing PDFZilla to the Nuance product, we found they did equally well on our test documents. We liked the fact that PDFZilla could convert a document to Word or HTML or even Adobe Flash (for animations). More importantly, you can try it out for free. You can only try out the Nuance product for free if you sign up for Netflix or one of a few dozen other offers. However, Nuance does some conversions that PDFZilla doesn’t: It can convert PDFs to Excel or PowerPoint or WordPerfect, for example.

 PDFZilla works with Microsoft Word as well as the OpenOffice word processor, which anyone can get for free from This is good, because Joy’s copy of MS Word hasn’t worked since early in the Bush administration and we were getting desperate.



  1. I ordered the PDFZilla and hve it down loaded in my C.
    Problem is, it only converts PDF to Doc, etc. I wanted one that would convert Doc.etc to PDF. Example. I have a list of deceased classmated I want to transfer to some one else incase I or my machine dies. I hve tried to e-mail it, but they never receive my attachment.
    Did I buy the wrong thing? I had another converter in an older machine which went through the printer and it did what i want, but I do not recall the name. I can not get Reezaa to respond. please help. REB

  2. In answer to Ralph’s question about how to create a PDF to avoid sending email attachments. Here’s a free method:

    1. Download from
    2. Start up the “Writer” word processor that’s part of OpenOffice.
    3. Open your Word document.
    4. Click “File” and then choose “Export as PDF.”

    Alternatively, you can sign up for a free Google account and use Google docs. Once you upload a document to Google docs, you can share a link to it with anyone.

    A third way to share info is to copy and paste the entire list into the body of your email. Just go to the edit menu and choose “copy,” and then go to the edit menu again and choose “paste.”

  3. Another solution besides OpenOffice is pdfFactory from, which will convert any document to PDF.
    It’s $50, and there’s a free trial version. offers a $20 program called PDF Printer.

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