We tested a new tracking device you can put in your car or motorcycle. It’s called the “Snitch” and its main purpose is to catch a thief. Unlike similar devices, which are designed to track a vehicle’s path no matter where it goes, this one is designed for short range movement.


An email or a text message to your cell phone alerts you when the Snitch has moved more than 200 yards or meters from where you left it. This is similar to the better known service for recovering stolen cars and trucks. A stolen motorcycle was recovered by the police just 20 minutes later, when the owner was able to notify them of the theft and tell them its new location. This service is only available for North America right now.

You can see where the Snitch is and where it has been by logging onto the company website, We tried this as a substitute for route tracking. In other words, would the tracking service be able to tell us not only where the vehicle was, but what path it took to get there? It turned out that it could and provided a map showing steps along the journey. The test was very local and covered a range of just a few miles. We found that the satellite tracking was close to our actual route but could be off by as much as a street or two. After several minutes the positioning started to home-in and finally got it exactly.

The Snitch is about the size of a cell phone, and you can put it in a glove compartment or bag. The Snitch is not to be confused with devices that aim to keep tabs on a child’s or employee’s whereabouts. has another product called the Loaner that employers can use to track where their employees/vehicles have been. The Snitch itself costs $300 and there’s a $15 a month charge for the service.



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