INTERNUTS— A reader in Thailand alerted us to, a very unusual site that has bundles of specialized knowledge on relatively narrow topics. For example, a contributor who likes fantasy books put together a group of sites he recommends for their information about books and authors. Another presents his choices for video games, some free, some not. Another lists places to go and things to do only if you’re rich. You can also bundle videos. Some of the bundles have user ratings, called bump or dump. It’s definitely eclectic.

— You can listen to a Slacker Holiday at web radio station We hesitated not a moment and caught a Japanese children’s choir singing something incomprehensible. But it sounded cute. You can also tune in “Holiday Hits,” “Jazz Holiday,” “Country Holiday,” “Holiday Party,” “Latina Holiday,” “Soul Holiday,” and for something weird, “Dysfunctional Holiday” music. You can download their free player and click “seasonal,” or just go to to listen.

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