A new kid showed up on the block and we caught him carrying a PC Fixer.

After we used Symantec’s Norton Premium PC Tune-Up Service recently, we heard from the people who runĀ Yes, it’s an awful name because it’s so long you’re almost bound to make a typing mistake trying to get there, but look at it this way: It’s free.

Digital Support has this free service called PC Fixer, and it turns out be a collection of programs that scan your PC and look for things that clog it up. It’s real fast. Joy ran the Norton Tune-Up just a couple of weeks ago, which announced it had cleared the system of problems, but PC Fixer found 20 additional problems that were slowing down her computer. Of course they weren’t slowing it down much because we recently added two more gigabytes of memory to her Vista computer and that will speed anything up.

PC Fixer found 63 problems on Bob’s XP machine, but that’s probably because Bob hadn’t run the Norton Tune-Up earlier. Bob can be cranky sometimes and refuses to run any programs from Symantec on his regular computer. (This is a response to long and bitter experience.)

This new tech support service with the long Web address also does things you have to pay for. That is, tech support itself. The company charges $20 to fix your Windows computer problem, or, if it can’t be fixed, there’s no charge. We have tried several online and phone tech support services and this is the lowest cost by far. We were quite satisfied.

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